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Marketing Representation

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Global Atomic


Fuel Link is delighted to be part of the Global Atomic team, gaining the rights to market production from the fully-permitted Dasa Project in the Republic of Niger. Dasa is the highest grade and lowest cost development project in Africa. Current uranium producing assets are depleting in concert with above ground inventories, yielding a clear need for new economic production.

Crucially, while many assets required a significant uplift in uranium prices to be viable, Dasa was able to initiate development mining, and be well placed for the market recovery. Fuel Link works closely with Global Atomic to establish forward sales, underwrite project financing, and pave the way to production in 2025.

To date, Fuel Link has implemented 3 strategic long term sale transactions for Dasa production, covering deliveries from 2026 to 2032, principally for North American demand. This business - with an upper end value of over US$700 million - has paved the way for bank financing.
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